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Our websites are dedicated to preserving information about Technics keyboards and helping players. The enthusiasm and support we receive from our visitors and Members is greatly appreciated. Most of our resources are Free for our Members. there are also some paid Membership options below along with other ways you can help that don't cost a penny.


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One Year VIP Membership - Your donation helps to cover our running costs, thank you!

VIP and Semibreve Members gain exclusive access to additional Styles and other files for your keyboard as a special thank you from us!

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Semibreve and VIP Members gain exclusive access to additional Styles and other files for your keyboard as a special thank you from us!

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All donations go towards the running costs of the websites (more info further down the page).


SD Card - 1 Series

TECHNICS_KEYBOARD_SD_CARD_1_SERIES.pngThis SD Card will be populated with one Styles Series of your choice.

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SD Card - All Series

TECHNICS_KEYBOARD_SD_CARD.pngThis SD Card will be a copy of my own current card containing most of the Free Styles and Technics keyboard files off this website.

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We will receive a small percentage when you use the links below, it doesn't cost you extra.

You can buy anything at all for yourself from Amazon whether it be a book, some coffee beans (my favourite!), a DVD or a printer.

When you buy something for yourself, I receive a small percentage as a commission. I put this towards our hosting.

Buy KN7000 Accessories

We will receive a small percentage when you use the links below, it doesn't cost you extra.

I've listed lots of items that are useful for your instrument in these 'shop' areas, such as compatible SD Cards, MIDI interfaces and music books.

There's something to interest any musician here including many items I've tested and reviewed myself.

Buy a Printed Manual

Manuals are available to download for Free. We can also provide you with printed manuals that are very high quality. You can see some examples in the Members Area.. If you need one that is not listed, Contact us for details.

Buy Floppy Disks

Our Styles, Sounds, MIDIs and other files can be provided on floppy disk. Automated Purchase Coming Soon. Contact us for more information.

License KN-SDExplorer

We are an official partner in the KN-SDExplorer program, when you purchase a full license you will be supporting our site and development of the software. Visit the KN-SDExplorer Website.

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You can advertise in our forums for Free, or, contact us and we'll make you a very high quality advert for a small fee (no sale, no charge).

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If you have a business that would benefit from advertising to our membership contact us to discuss advertising packages.

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When you participate in the forums and leave comments throughout the site you help to keep our community vibrant and alive!

What do I do with Contributions?

The websites are my hobby, I have invested a considerable amount in them, as well as the time needed to maintain them. The sites run at a loss and all contributions are spent on hosting, maintenance and software updates. Sometimes I purchase manuals but I do my best to find them free or scan them myself.

I greatly value all contributions and participation, it all helps and it gives motivation to me and our volunteers to know that you're enjoying the resources available here.

Introduce Yourself on our Forums

... or just post a question, I or one of the Members will answer as soon as we can, if we know the answer!

Posting in our Forums helps to keep everything current and it also increases the size of the site, which contributes to keeping us at the top of Google and other search engines. Every post is as helpful to the visibility of the site as it could be to you!

Join in with our Projects

We always have several projects going on. These might be writing articles for the site, editing existing articles that others have written, working on Styles and Sounds for your keyboard so that others can enjoy them. making recordings to be played on the site or a multitude of other things.

Just let us know what you're interested in and we'll come up with an idea (or tell us your idea), let us know what time you have available. We're not into hard deadlines, the site is all about having fun and enjoying yourself! Contact us Here.

Get Rocket Piano

The superb Rocket Piano learning system will improve your playing techniques quickly and effectively. Rocket Piano supports our site by paying a commission for each sale. The system will drastically enhance your keyboard playing, it is inexpensive and exciting to use. Click the banner below to try out some Free lessons.

Improve Your Keyboard PlayingQuickly Improve Your Keyboard Playing and Piano Skills with Rocket Lessons!


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What's New Updates: The most recently edited pages are listed here for frequent visitors. Please note that this page is automated, there will be other new things on the website and this page only lists some of them.

SD Cards

SD Cards for Technics KN7000 and KN2600 available for purchase.

Project Volunteers

Fill in the form on this page if you wish to volunteer for one of our projects.

Buy Blank, Formatted Floppy Disks


With logo as above or email me if you want something different on your labels. Labels are printed in black on white, on my thermographic label printer. Brands and Colours will vary (usually black).

Contact me if you want DD disks for use in early keyboards such as KN800.

Formatted in one of my keyboards, ready for you to use in yours.

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