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This New KN5000 Website is still under development and will complete over the next couple of weeks. Check back for more!

Technics KN5000

Welcome to our site for Technics sx-KN5000.

The website is a curated archive of KN5000 information incorporating Bob Hendershot's KN5000 "How To" Pages, our KN5000 Forum, demos, downloads, content from many other forgotten sources and links to sites of interest to Technics KN5000 owners.

Immense gratitude goes to Bob Hendershot who developed the "How To" pages and Gunar Jonny who hosted and edited them for many years.

Technics Keyboards Sites

Technics KN7000 - Information for the KN7000 Keyboard & many more Technics instruments
Technics Keyboards - All Technics Instruments - Technology site for the KN7000
Gunar Jonny - Gunnar Jonny's Technics KN Site
KN5000 - Technics KN5000 Website
APP - Web APP for Technics Keyboards
Technics WSA1 - WSA1 Synthesiser website
KN-SDExplorer - Technics Keyboards Software
Members Area - Shared Members Area

KN5000 at

Bob's Technics KN5000 "How To" Pages


Items on this website's "How To" pages have been tested as best I can. I can not guarantee the accuracy of each entry nor can I assume responsibility for any problems you may have as a result of using the data herein. Use the contents at your discretion.

The items on this site have not been verified nor are they supported by Technics.

This web site is intended to offer things that have not been covered in the many excellent sites for Technics keyboard and organ products.

The plan is to use this site as a focal point for information on how to do things that may not be included or well explained in the owners manual and for "tricks of the trade" that some of you may provide for others to use.

The collective knowledge of all of you will provide the source of data for this site. Questions that have been posted at the Synth Zone BBS and (former) Technote forums have provided a source of ideas for the "How to" site...

Bob's Technics KN5000 "How To" Pages