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Software Version

You can determine your KN5000 software version with the following procedure.

Determine KN5000 Software Version

There are at least three ways to determine the software version in your keyboard.


The easiest method is as follows: Turn the keyboard off. Press and hold the bottom left three Sound Group buttons (Digital Drawbar - Accordion Register - GM Special) (shown with red circles at right). Then turn the keyboard on. The software version will be shown in the bottom right corner of the display. For version 10, the hex equivalent of ten (an A) will display.


Some older software versions do not display the version as shown above. If the display does not show as described above, try the following: Press and HOLD Variation 3 & 4, Auto Play Chord and Split Point (these buttons form a small square). While holding the four buttons, turn on the keyboard and watch for a table to appear on the display. When that happens quickly press Display Hold. The main program numbers will read:

- - -1312 for version #5

- - -1330 for version #6

- - -1344 for version #7

- - -1353 for version #8

Note by GJ - The very last version until Nov - 2001 is v10.A


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