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Software Upgrade

You can upgrade your KN5000 software with the following procedure.

Installing KN5000 Version 10 Upgrade

The following paragraph is to be revised.

A self extracting file is now available at the Technote KN5000 web site. That file does not require that you work in DOS. It will do the job for you. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE TECHNOTE KN5000 SITE and select free stuff and download the latest update - - - Old instructions follow:

Several people have asked for help in using DOS to upgrade the operating system of their KN5000's. Matti Sairanen has provided instructions on his web site for the upgrades that he is kind enough to provide at his site. Some people, however, are not comfortable with the use of DOS on their computers. This article is intended to help with an understanding of the process of preparing the upgrade disc. The upgrade can be obtained from your Technics dealer. I can not guarantee that this process will work for you. This page is only intended to clarify what is already available at Matti's site. - Bob -


Click on START, then move the mouse to PROGRAMS, then move the mouse to MS-DOS PROMPT and click. You should see something similar to the screen below.


In DOS, the C:\ indicates that you are working with the C drive of your computer. The C:\WINDOWS> indicates that you are working in the Windows folder of the C drive. Things to the left of the ">" symbol are called the DOS PROMPT.

We need to create a new folder for the KN5000 upgrade files. We want the folder to be located in the root folder of the C: drive. Go to the root folder first by typing CD\ at the DOS PROMPT and hitting Enter on the keyboard. It should look like the picture below.


The C:\> DOS PROMPT indicates that we are now working in the root folder of the C: drive.
Now type MD KN5000UP . The screen should look like the picture below.


Press ENTER and you have created a new folder called KN5000UP in the root folder of the C: drive. (MD in DOS is the command to create a new folder (called directory in DOS or "Make Directory".)

As an alternative to making the folder while in DOS, you can make the folder using your Windows Explorer software. Click once on the C: drive to highlight that drive. Then click on FILE, then move the mouse to NEW, and select FOLDER in the small dialog box. The new folder will show with a name of "new folder". Rename the new folder KN5000UP. It doesn't matter how you create the folder, just be sure that you know the exact name and where you put the folder.

When you download the file from Matti's web site, put the file into the new KN5000UP folder that you have created. Unzip the file into the KN5000UP folder. The following files should now be in the KN5000UP folder:

- - -

- - - -dosimage.exe

- - - -kn5kv10.img

We want to work in the new folder so type the command CD\KN5000UP and press enter. You should see a screen like the picture below.


CD\ is the DOS command for Change Directory (Folder). Now the things we do in DOS will occur in the new directory (folder) KN5000UP. The DOS PROMPT should read C:\KN5000UP> at this point.
Put a new blank disc in drive A. Now type the following command: dosimage restore kn5kv10.img a: The screen should look like the picture below.


Press enter and you will see the program count through it's progress as the new upgrade disc is created in drive a:.

The disc that you just created in drive A is your new Version 10 Upgrade disc. Take the disc to your KN5000 and insert it into the keyboard drive. Turn the keyboard off. Then press and hold panel memory buttons 1, 2, 3, & 4 and while holding the buttons turn the keyboard on. The new software will be installed into the keyboard without any further action on your part.