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THE QUESTION: "How do I get the Auto Play Chords and Rhythm data into MIDI stuff that I record?"

MIDI Out With Auto Play Chord

THE QUESTION: "How do I get the Auto Play Chords and Rhythm data into MIDI stuff that I record?"

It is necessary to assign MIDI channels to each part that you want to send via MIDI to another device. In the factory initialized state, APC parts are turned off. The KN5000 has very versatile setup capability for MIDI. Once you have set up the keyboard the way you want it you can save your MIDI settings in three user defined MIDI memory locations which are placed in flash RAM, and will stay as you set them until you purposely overwrite them, or initialize them to factory presets.

There are also factory presets that can be used for many applications. You can use one of the factory presets for a quick way to turn the Auto Play Chord parts on. Let's start with that.

At the far top right of your keyboard, press the MIDI button. You will see the MIDI menu.


Press the MIDI PRESETS button.

Refer to page 171 of your users manual for a discussion of MIDI presets. For our discussion, we want the KN5000 to be the master device which will send our data to an external device.


Page 1 shows the keyboard as the slave to an organ. We don't want that for this application. Go to page 2.


This is page 2 which shows the KN5000 as the master device which would send data to a sound module, a vocalist device, or an external sequencer. If you are using an external sequencer like Cakewalk you would select the EXT. SEQUENCER instead of the selection of a SOUND MODULE as shown.

Press the VALUE button to select EXT SEQUENCER. Since the objective is to send APC data, select WITH APC. When you have things the way you want them press OK.

This preset sets all the MIDI parameters needed for using the KN5000 as a master with an external sequencer as the slave and includes transfer of Auto Play Chord data to the sequencer. MIDI channels are set up as follows:

Right 1 to channel 1, Right 2 to channel 2, Left to channel 3, Parts 4 through 11 to channels 4 through 11, parts 12 through 16 are turned OFF, Control is turned OFF, Accomp 1 to channel 12, Accomp 2 to channel 13, Accomp 3 to channel 14, Bass to channel 15, Drums to channel 16, and Chord is turned OFF.

If you use this set up with a sequencer like Cakewalk, it will work, but if you are like most people you use Easy Record which only needs about 8 or 9 channels and it would be nice to put all the stuff on channels 1 through 10 so that they would display together in Cakewalk. Following is a setup that I use for my recordings.

Go back to the MIDI menu and press the PART SETTING button at top left to begin setting the voicing parts to the desired MIDI channels.


Set RIGHT 1 to channel 1, RIGHT 2 to channel 2 and LEFT to channel 3 as shown at right. Turn OFF parts 4 through 8.

Go to page 2 of the Part Setting pages and set parts 9 through 16 to OFF


If you have used punch record to, or otherwise used parts 4 through 16 in your sequence, you would need to select a MIDI channel for each part used.


Go to page 3 of the Part Setting pages and set ACCOMP1 to channel 4, ACCOMP2 to channel 5, ACCOMP3 to channel 6, BASS to channel 7, DRUMS to channel 10 and CHORD to channel 8 as shown above.

Although these channel assignments are not mandatory they are commonly used and it is always a good idea to use channel 10 for drum parts for general midi use

Press EXIT to return to the Main MIDI Menu. Then press CONTROL MESSAGES


At page 1 of the Control Messages menu set all items to ON

At page 2 of the Control Messages menu set all items to ON


Press EXIT to return to the main MIDI Menu and then press the REALTIME MESSAGES button.



(The clock must normally be set to INTERNAL to send data from the KN5000 to another MIDI device. It will be set to MIDI when we do a setup for receiving data from an external MIDI source).

Press EXIT to return to the main MIDI menu and then press the COMMON SETTING button.


At the Common Setting menu set parts as shown at the right. Be sure that Program Change Mode is set to GM and Drum Type is set to GM if you are connected to a general MIDI sequencer.

Press EXIT to return to the main MIDI menu and then press the INPUT/OUTPUT SETTING button.


At the INPUT/OUTPUT SETTING menu set the items as shown above.

Press EXIT to return to the main MIDI menu and then press GENERAL MIDI.



Then press EXIT to return to the main MIDI menu.

Then press the PANEL MEMORY OUTPUT button.


For simple MIDI applications just set these items OFF as shown at the right, for now. If you are experienced in MIDI applications you probably don't need the help of this web page and you would use this menu to set up MIDI patches (or program change numbers) with panel memory presets.

To save your MIDI setups Click Here.