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Composer Sound Edit

THE QUESTION: " How can I change the instrument sounds in the various composer parts of a composer pattern?"

"How can I change the instrument sounds in the various composer parts of a KN5000 composer pattern?"

The steps taken to edit composer part sounds are the same as those that you would take to prepare to record your own new composer pattern. During sound editing, be cautious to not touch any of the playing keys or you will add whatever note you have pressed to the rhythm sequence. First press the Composer Menu button to display the Composer Menu. Then press RECORDING MEMORY A (assuming the pattern you want to edit is in Memory A)

Each of the Rhythm Pattern variations is listed on the RECORD MEMORY page. Each part must be edited or recorded individually. Press VARIATION 1

This is the start recording page. When you press one of the variation parts at the bottom of the page you will hear the pattern begin, and the page will change to the REALTIME RECORDING page. For sound editing we do not need to use the RECORD SETTING button. You may choose to rename the pattern variations as you desire.

For changing rhythm part sounds, do not use any of the buttons on the sides of the REALTIME RECORDING display except the BALANCE or SOLO buttons, unless you want to change the rhythm pattern itself.

Press the AC3 button to start the recording. The pattern will repeat until you exit this page. Look in the Sound Group to see which Sound Group light is on to find what sound category is being used for the AC3 part. Press any sound group button to change the sound used for that part.

If you want to hear just the AC3 part without the other parts, press the SOLO button. When you are happy with that selection, press the AC2 button and edit the sound for that part. Do the same for all of the parts. When you are finished with all of the parts, press EXIT to return to the RECORD MEMORY page.

Next go through these same steps for all of the variations that you want to change. I find that It is usually best to use the same (or similar) sound for a given part in each variation and to try to find complementary voicing between variation parts and the panel memory sounds that I have selected. All of the sounds (composer and panel memory) should be complementary for the most pleasant results. When you have finished your sound edits, don't forget to save the new composer pattern to a disk.


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